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Think Globally, Read Locally

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Interview with Lynda Hilburn

Interview with Lynda Hilburn

Lynda Hilburn is an author living in Boulder, Colorado. Her Vampire Psychologist series is a dark, contemporary fantasy series featuring a witty female psychologist who encounters a vampire in her office. Soon, the psychologist finds her life changing drastically as she is pulled deeper and deeper into the dark world of the vampire subculture. Hilburn puts...
October 19, 2014 – Literary Salon Hosted by Judy Rose

October 19, 2014 – Literary Salon Hosted by Judy Rose

Judy Rose, Centennial, Colorado, will be hosting a Literary Salon on Sunday, October 19, 2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. at Boulder Book Store, 1107 Pearl St., Boulder. The Literary Salon is a free event, open to the public. Its goal is to bring together passionate people to discuss their own experience with literature, as well as...
"The 24 Hour Intimate Position" by Karen Hemmerle

“The 24 Hour Intimate Position” by Karen Hemmerle

Karen Hemmerle’s short story “The 24 Hour Intimate Position” is the winner of the Stories on Stage writing contest for the September 13, 2014 show. I have what’s called “a spotty work history”. It started when I was in college and all my friends had waitress jobs. I thought, “How hard can it be bringing...
"The New Employee" by Marty Brodsky

“The New Employee” by Marty Brodsky

YOU ARE JUST RIGHT for the job. Perfect. We have been looking all over, high and low, for someone with your qualifications. Your wit and humor, along with your degree of intelligence, is just the remedy for our problem. Thank you. Thank you, very much indeed for coming in to meet us. There are a...
"After the Flood" by Susie Weber

“After the Flood” by Susie Weber

A few days after the September floods in Colorado, my six-year old daughter asks me a question that makes me rethink her world and mine. “Mama, did the flood happen in ever country?” She looks out the window of the car waiting for the answer. I glance at her through the rear view mirror and...
September 14, 2014-- Literary Salon with Ellen Nordberg

September 14, 2014– Literary Salon with Ellen Nordberg

Ellen Nordberg will be hosting a Literary Salon on Sunday, September 14, 2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. at the Boulder book Store, 1107 Pearl St. Boulder.  The Literary Salon is fashioned after the great salons of the Eighteenth Century in Paris. Attendees discuss their writing successes and challenges, share their advice and experiences, and keep each...
"Got Any Smokes" by Jeffrey Blake

“Got Any Smokes” by Jeffrey Blake

Russ Billings stood up, coughed from deep in his chest, and spat onto an old newspaper lying on the dirty concrete floor. The effort hurt and left him short of breath. He had been hocking up lumps of dark, slimy stuff for two days. His current digs were the basement of an abandoned apartment building....
August 20 -- A Book Club for Colorado Writers

August 20 — A Book Club for Colorado Writers

Lori DeBoer’s book club for writers will meet on Wednesday, August 20 at 7 p.m. at the Boulder Book Store, 1107 Pearl St., Boulder. The book for August is Wild by Cheryl Strayed. Come join fellow local writers discuss literature. This is no ordinary book club, because the focus is about both the book and the writing....
"A Woman on Longs Peak" by Sarah Brooks

“A Woman on Longs Peak” by Sarah Brooks

In the darkness, the small circle of light from my headlamp reveals only my hiking boots and a circle of rocky trail, which makes it easier to keep climbing. Up and up and up. Sometimes, we stop for water and a bite of an energy bar, and we turn off our headlamps to look up...
August 17, 2014 -- Writing a Page Turner

August 17, 2014 — Writing a Page Turner

On Sunday, August 17, Lori Deboer is hosting a writing workshop from 3:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. at the Boulder Book Store, 1107 Pearl Street, Boulder. It’s 2 a.m., you have work in four hours, yet you can’t help but turn the page and begin a new chapter. This must mean that you’ve encountered a...
"In Defense of Buff Comics" by Paul Handley

“In Defense of Buff Comics” by Paul Handley

Our kid is going into show business.  College isn’t for everyone, even though it sometimes feels like the world is devoted to getting an academic abbreviation.  Seems like that’s all the parents talk about at my daughter’s school.  They are worried about the reputation of the University their children will attend, afraid their kids are...
"Letter to John Zimmerman from Bellvue" by George Kalamaras

“Letter to John Zimmerman from Bellvue” by George Kalamaras

Letter to John Zimmerman from Bellvue It’s hard to begin, Dear John, because we remain faithful, friend.  I want to say your practice is healing, cooking, and haiku.  Of course, there’s Lisa and kids. But the angel caduceus of chiropractic replacing the twin snakes of Hermes says Daniel David Palmer was right— that correcting vertebral...