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Think Globally, Read Locally

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"Letter to John Zimmerman from Bellvue" by George Kalamaras

“Letter to John Zimmerman from Bellvue” by George Kalamaras

Letter to John Zimmerman from Bellvue It’s hard to begin, Dear John, because we remain faithful, friend.  I want to say your practice is healing, cooking, and haiku.  Of course, there’s Lisa and kids. But the angel caduceus of chiropractic replacing the twin snakes of Hermes says Daniel David Palmer was right— that correcting vertebral...
Young Adult Poetry Competition (Ages 12-18)

Young Adult Poetry Competition (Ages 12-18)

Flatirons Literary Review is hosting a young adult poetry competition July, 2014.  All young adults between ages 12 and 18 are encouraged to submit a poem of choice to Flatirons Literary Review. Submissions will be accepted during the month of July. The top three winners of our poetry competition will be selected for the honor of...
"Mazatlán" by Lawrence Dunning

“Mazatlán” by Lawrence Dunning

Their room at the Hotel Playa Bonita turns out to be the standard smallish third floor with ocean view and two queen beds. Fortunately it is in the older section of the hotel where the balconies directly overlook the beach and the unbelievably blue water of the bay. “Which one do you want?” Michael asks his wife. She...
Congratulations 2014 Colorado Book Award Winners

Congratulations 2014 Colorado Book Award Winners

On June 13, 2014 the Colorado Book Awards were announced in Aspen, Colorado at the Jerome Hotel. The Colorado Book Awards honor excellent authors, editors, illustrators, and photographers from Colorado, a state with plenty of talent to choose from. This year, awards were presented in sixteen different categories including literary fiction, nonfiction, poetry, memoir, thriller/suspense,...
"Luck" by M. Krockmalnik Grabois

“Luck” by M. Krockmalnik Grabois

A retired stunt pilot dies in a plane crash while eating peanuts and trying to get the stewardess to brush his arm with her luxurious hip, en route from Denver to Akron, Ohio. A cold sore is swallowing my lover’s face. A dog at the memorial service sings the song of his breed. The eulogy...
"The Dog Stars" by Peter Heller

“The Dog Stars” by Peter Heller

Hig is living every Coloradan’s dream. He sleeps outside at night at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, creating constellations in the stars with the company of his loving dog, Jasper. Only Hig isn’t camping. He is one of the few survivors of a flu epidemic that wiped out most of the population. Now the...
"Good Deeds" by Dave Kelley

“Good Deeds” by Dave Kelley

  Second-Place Winner, Boulder Writers’ Workshop Comedy Writers’ Contest, Judge Gene Perret When you see someone whose car has broken down it’s difficult to get up the courage to pull over and ask if you can help. We’ve all seen the movies where the person in need turns out to be an escapee from a mental institution...
Open for Submissions

Open for Submissions

We are currently open for new submissions! Calling all Colorado authors; we want to read what you have to say. We’re looking for Boulder and Colorado authors who are trying to get their roots in the ground, or established authors who want to keep growing. We are currently accepting all submissions of fiction, poetry, flash...
Flatirons Literary Review Announces New Managing Editor

Flatirons Literary Review Announces New Managing Editor

NEW MANAGING EDITOR Flatirons Literary Review would like to welcome Kelly M. Welsh to our team as the new managing editor this May, 2014. Kelly received her B.A. in creative writing and secondary education licensure from the University of Colorado. She has been published in Eunoia Review and the poetry anthology Forever Spoken. As a native...
"The Ambivalent Mother" by Ellen Nordberg

“The Ambivalent Mother” by Ellen Nordberg

Essay Featured in the Stories on Stage Performance of “Me, Myself, and I” The Ambivalent Mother:  Or How I Nearly Chose to be Childless   I had never really wanted to be a mom. It was just something I thought I should want like an MBA or a ceramic light-up Christmas village. Nothing I truly...
I PROMISE NOT TO SUFFER by BWWer Gail Storey is a Finalist for the 2014 Colorado Book Awards

I PROMISE NOT TO SUFFER by BWWer Gail Storey is a Finalist for the 2014 Colorado Book Awards

By Lori DeBoer Gail Storey’s memoir, I Promise Not to Suffer: A Fool for Love Hikes the Pacific Coast Trail, has been named a finalist in the Colorado Book Awards.  Gail is a professional member of the Boulder Writers’ Workshop.  Her book tells the hilariously harrowing story of hiking the 2,663-mile Pacific Crest Trail from...
"Gall-E-Gee" by Christina Antus

“Gall-E-Gee” by Christina Antus

First-Place Winner, 2013 Boulder Writers’ Workshop Comedy Contest, Judge Gene Perret Until now I never really knew where my gallbladder was or what it did. I also didn’t really care. I actually still don’t. But, the stars have aligned in the shape of gallstones and here we are. About a year and a half ago,...