Crossing Boulder by car is a crapnature
shoot, a throw of the dice, a bet on
congestion from construction,
red lights, crosswalks, and people
who drive beneath the speed limit.

But I arrive on time
at the sports medicine center
for the first set of five
intra-articular injections:
the biannual anatomical oil change
for my osteoarthritic, microfractured knees.

Two hypodermics of hyaluronic acid,
two milliliter fountains of youth, hope-
fully will turn back the clock;
synthesized from rooster combs
Hyalgan is the cock of the walk.

Iodine scrubbed and cold spray numbed
the needle pushes in-
to each joint capsule
filling it like a water balloon.

Quicker than Jiffy
Lube I’m in and out.

Greased up and overinflated I ease
back into traffic, not noticing it
now there’s nowhere to be, relieved
I’ll get to ride my mountain
bike and race pain free, my patellas
gliding in their solution


poet  bio head shot mt sanitasTim Dardis grew up in Northbrook, Illinois, and is a long time resident of Boulder, Colorado. He earned a Bachelor of Special Studies from Cornell College, in Mt. Vernon, Iowa, and a Master of Arts in Creative Writing from the University of Colorado at Boulder. His poems have been published in Chicago Literati , Exquisite Corpse, Toad Suck Review, Tic Toc, Fat City Review, Midnight Screaming, Whetstone, Grasslands Review, and Sierra Nevada College Review, among others. He works as a Content Services Specialist for Vertafore, and competes as an Expert mountain bike racer. He prefers dirt.