by Lori DeBoer, BWW Director

Thank you for your interest in the Boulder Writers’ Workshop, a private literary center that I founded in 2008 as part of my professional coaching practice, and am gratified that we have grown to include authors and publishing professionals in Boulder and throughout Colorado.  The Boulder Writers’ Workshop was named a Colorado literary hot spot by Poets & Writers’ Magazine. It also was featured in The Daily Camera and CBS Denver.

We serve writers of all genres and abilities with high-quality, structured networking, marketing and learning opportunities. The BWW is known for showcasing its members work, publications and accomplishment.  Our focus is also not on raising money or writing grants, but on providing excellent programming and platform-building opportunities for writers and authors wanting to produce great work and reach readers.

Our membership is diverse.  We welcome writers of all different genres and experience levels to join in a genuine spirit of community.  We are continually evolving in our goal of creating a sense of community among Colorado writers, authors and others in our industry.

The Flatirons Literary Review is one of our projects that provides our members with the publishing opportunities and the ability to get involved in a publishing endeavor.

If you look at our lists of instructors, staff and volunteers, you’ll see that many established and up-and-coming Colorado writers have come on board to help us accomplish the Boulder Writers’ Workshop mission.

There’s room for more; I hope you’ll join us.  Professional Memberships, with all the perks, are $99 a year and Standard Memberships, with access to our free monthly educational events, are $49 a year.

To join, visit our website at