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"Remaining Artifacts" by Kelley J. Leigh

“Remaining Artifacts” by Kelley J. Leigh

Two guys in dusty coveralls close the loading door with a rolling slam. The big yellow auction truck pulls out of the driveway, takes the steep turn and disappears down the suburban golf course street. I grab a broom and stand alone. My mother-in-law’s two-car garage is finally emptied of the things no one wanted to keep....
"After the Flood" by Susie Weber

“After the Flood” by Susie Weber

A few days after the September floods in Colorado, my six-year old daughter asks me a question that makes me rethink her world and mine. “Mama, did the flood happen in ever country?” She looks out the window of the car waiting for the answer. I glance at her through the rear view mirror and...
"A Woman on Longs Peak" by Sarah Brooks

“A Woman on Longs Peak” by Sarah Brooks

In the darkness, the small circle of light from my headlamp reveals only my hiking boots and a circle of rocky trail, which makes it easier to keep climbing. Up and up and up. Sometimes, we stop for water and a bite of an energy bar, and we turn off our headlamps to look up...
"The Ambivalent Mother" by Ellen Nordberg

“The Ambivalent Mother” by Ellen Nordberg

Essay Featured in the Stories on Stage Performance of “Me, Myself, and I” The Ambivalent Mother:  Or How I Nearly Chose to be Childless   I had never really wanted to be a mom. It was just something I thought I should want like an MBA or a ceramic light-up Christmas village. Nothing I truly...