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Flash Fiction
"Circus Dreams" by Debbie Maxwell Allen

“Circus Dreams” by Debbie Maxwell Allen

The lavender sky dripped with stars when the traveling circus rolled into town. “Let me peek, Pa. Please?” Pa grunted beneath a cloud of pipe smoke. The newspaper crinkled, protesting when he unfolded it in the lantern light. “Ain’t no girl of mine going out in the dark near some bunch of tramps.” He didn’t...
"The New Employee" by Marty Brodsky

“The New Employee” by Marty Brodsky

YOU ARE JUST RIGHT for the job. Perfect. We have been looking all over, high and low, for someone with your qualifications. Your wit and humor, along with your degree of intelligence, is just the remedy for our problem. Thank you. Thank you, very much indeed for coming in to meet us. There are a...
"Luck" by M. Krockmalnik Grabois

“Luck” by M. Krockmalnik Grabois

A retired stunt pilot dies in a plane crash while eating peanuts and trying to get the stewardess to brush his arm with her luxurious hip, en route from Denver to Akron, Ohio. A cold sore is swallowing my lover’s face. A dog at the memorial service sings the song of his breed. The eulogy...