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"Bike Gang" by James Garside

“Bike Gang” by James Garside

Skinny boys on skinny bikes  cycle through the city with impunity. Their tires caress the street like fingers on skin. A crisp formation of columns dissolves, splitting lanes of traffic and trickling through the gridlock. Falling back into line, they reassemble on the other side. Color-coordinated componentsrotate in relentless rhythm without commands or cadence calls....
"Viscosupplementation" by Tim Dardis

“Viscosupplementation” by Tim Dardis

Crossing Boulder by car is a crap shoot, a throw of the dice, a bet on congestion from construction, red lights, crosswalks, and people who drive beneath the speed limit. But I arrive on time at the sports medicine center for the first set of five intra-articular injections: the biannual anatomical oil change for my...
"Letter to John Zimmerman from Bellvue" by George Kalamaras

“Letter to John Zimmerman from Bellvue” by George Kalamaras

Letter to John Zimmerman from Bellvue It’s hard to begin, Dear John, because we remain faithful, friend.  I want to say your practice is healing, cooking, and haiku.  Of course, there’s Lisa and kids. But the angel caduceus of chiropractic replacing the twin snakes of Hermes says Daniel David Palmer was right— that correcting vertebral...