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"Soot" by Ginnie Duran

“Soot” by Ginnie Duran

In the summer of 1992, I took a job in Glacier National Park as a Biological Technician measuring the re-population of plants destroyed by fire in the remote North Fork region of the park. In Glacier, thirty-eight thousand acres had burned in 1988, the same year as the highly publicized Yellowstone Fire. The project argued the value of...
"A Glimpse of Neil Himself" by Dan R. Herrick

“A Glimpse of Neil Himself” by Dan R. Herrick

I prefer recorded music to live, printed words to live readings, and movies to stage plays. I don’t need to be splashed with the drummer’s sweat to enjoy the music, or to shiver on a cold, wet stadium seat while barely being able to see the players on the field. I hate standing around and...