Do you publish a print version?

No plans are being made for a print version yet, as we are strictly a volunteer organization with no funds. As more people take our classes and join the Boulder Writers’ Workshop at a professional membership level, we hope to develop a budget that will allow us to do some traditional printing.


Are you a nonprofit?

We are unprofitable, but we are not supported by grants or other public funds.


Can I volunteer to be a reader or to edit?

We would love to put you to work and give you some great experience.  You are at the front of the line if you have taken one of our classes or have joined the Boulder Writers’ Workshop as a professional member.


Do you publish the work of kids or teenagers?

We certainly do!  I homeschool my ten-year-old and am part of the homeschooling community.  We do a lot of writing and encourage teenagers and kids in our community to be writers and readers.


Will you promote my writing classes and workshops?

The Flatirons Literary Review  only promotes the classes and workshops offered through the Boulder Writers’ Workshop, because that’s what funds us.  If you want to teach a class or workshop for us, please drop us a line.  Please bear in mind that we only run a few classes a year.