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Book Review of "Fig" by Sarah Elizabeth Schantz

Book Review of “Fig” by Sarah Elizabeth Schantz

Fig by Sarah Elizabeth Schantz Margaret K. McElderry Books Hardcover: 352 pages ISBN: 1481423584 Review by Sarah Hahn Brooks, author of The Beginning of Us What happens to a girl whose mother becomes consumed by schizophrenia? How will her world fragment? How will she know what is real, and what is delusion? How will she become...
"Bike Gang" by James Garside

“Bike Gang” by James Garside

Skinny boys on skinny bikes  cycle through the city with impunity. Their tires caress the street like fingers on skin. A crisp formation of columns dissolves, splitting lanes of traffic and trickling through the gridlock. Falling back into line, they reassemble on the other side. Color-coordinated componentsrotate in relentless rhythm without commands or cadence calls....
"Soot" by Ginnie Duran

“Soot” by Ginnie Duran

In the summer of 1992, I took a job in Glacier National Park as a Biological Technician measuring the re-population of plants destroyed by fire in the remote North Fork region of the park. In Glacier, thirty-eight thousand acres had burned in 1988, the same year as the highly publicized Yellowstone Fire. The project argued the value of...